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Looking for a simple blackjack system? One of the cool styles to compete in blackjack and be a consistent winner is to gamble much like the dealer wagers.

You might find that more players will complain at the tables if you do so, however why should you care? You will come away with a win, more regularly, over a certain duration if you constantly play like the dealer. Play it at home, on-line, or live in the brick and mortar casinos on a "slow day," however make certain you try it considering that it works.

It is the easiest method to play with nil to count, for sure no 10's or 5's or anything else to recall. If you break and give thought to it, here is why this "system" will surely be the only method you will always desire:

How much times will a dealer expose a two and make a good hand? How many times does a dealer expose a 3, flip a ten, and make a powerful hand? How much instances have you split 8-8 against a dealer's face and had 2 losing hands instead of one? How many times have you split AA against a dealer's face and hand two losing hands and not 1?

It certainly is exceptional how the dealer can pull a hand out with original hands of 12,13,14,fifteen, even sixteen. It happens since it is granted to happen, considering the number of low value cards in the deck and also some other elements.

Chance this system out and ascertain if you participate any better than you have in past times. Keep in mind, if you practice this system or some other, do it constantly and with this one it anticipates that you gamble just like the dealer all the time. Just hit till you attain seventeen and stand.

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